Forge components – Technology

The technical complexity of the Forging and Components division has gathered pace in recent years.
We deliver forged and compressed parts according to drawings, samples or as part of a design in almost any material and for every application area.


Heat deformation:
On hammers up to 63 kJ/63,000 kN, charge weight from 0.1–15.0 kg

On vertical forging presses up to 22,000 kN, charge weight from 0.3–10.0 kg

On horizontal forging presses up to 4,500 kN, Ø of the compressed section 20–100 mm max. 4 kg unformed

We process more than 24,000 tons of steel every year.


The customer benefits from our cost-effective complete solutions which range from the processing of forgings to the finished product or component.

Heat treatment
• Normalising
• Quenching and tempering
• Hardening
Mechanical processing
• Lathing
• Drilling
• Sanding
• Milling
• Using state-of-the-art CNC machine tools
   and machining centres
Surface treatment
• Blasting
• Phosphating
• Browning
• Polishing
• Chromium plating
Assemblies and mounting
• Riveting
• Mounting of screws, bolts and bearings
• Mounting of individual components to




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