Technical plastic products – Examples

Automotive development projects

Engine cooling

Coolant compensating reservoir:
Different types of compensating reservoir, each with their own warning devices for fill level monitoring, made from various materials. HEYCO develops and tests these reservoirs, independent of vehicle type and according to customer requirements.
Media lines:
Manufactured using standard injection moulding or WIT technology. Integration of additional functions. Homogeneous inner surface and lighter in comparison to steel.

Cooling water tank in PP:   Cooling water tank in PA:
Cooling water tank in PA6.6 GF 30% manufactured using WIT technology:


Air/Water management

Air/Water separation:
Manufactured using 1-component and 2-component technology (hard/soft) with moulded foliage grid and optimised to meet pedestrian protection requirements. The parts are developed and tested for our customers independent of vehicle type.

Windscreen panel cover with moulded seal for windscreen:

Air ducts:
Manufactured using 2-component or standard injection moulding technology as shell with integrated sealing functions (injection moulded and foamed).

Air intake with foamed 2-component sealing and foliage grid:
Fresh-air channels acoustically optimised using clamshell technology:

Components in engine compartment

Oil conduits:
Oil tanks, oil windage trays and oil filler tubes manufactured using clamshell technology or multi-tube technology with filtration and fill level monitoring are developed and tested independent of vehicle and in accordance with customer requirements.

Multiple-shell injected oil windage tray, hot gas welded with sealing elements, pre-assembled
and tested:
  Oil tank multiple-shell injected, welded, pre-assembled and tested:

Structural elements

Hybrid components:
Manufactured using 1-component and 2-component technology with injected steel feeder for improvement of component stiffness.
Function parts:
Parts for stability and fire prevention in bulkhead area, manufactured using 1-component and 2-component technology and taking into consideration pedestrian protection, as well as the various options for integrating functions.

Hybrid roof bow:   Bulkhead segment with integration of functions:


Function parts in vehicle interior

Door sill protectors:
Manufactured using 1-component and 2-component technology with surfaces according to customer specifications.
Pillar linings:
Design-related parts for A, B and C pillars.
Water outlets:
Manufactured using 1-component and 2-component technology (hard/soft)
Air-conditioning panels:
Manufactured using 1-component and 2-component technology (hard/soft)

Door sill protector:
2-component injection moulding with design panel
  Air-conditioning panel:

2-component injection moulding with tampo print, finishing and laser technology


Fastening element:
Plastic fasteners according to customer requirements

Special element for positioning of bumper:
Cooling package holder:




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