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Carl Steinmann Kunststoffverarbeitung

With the successful acquisition of Carl Steinmann Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH in 1980, HEYCO began to expand its commercial activities to include the production of plastic parts. This later led to the introduction of the Technical Plastic Products division.

Today, Steinmann is a much sought-after development partner and a series supplier to the international automotive industry for the manufacture of parts from plastic foils, aluminium-laminated fibreglass textures, synthetic leather and foam plastics.


Production here includes:

• Door shields
Waterproofing between car door and interior lining: contour stamped, formed, welded, self-adhesive.

• Heat shields
Protection against heat radiated from components in engine and exhaust gas area: stamped, seamed, self-adhesive and removable.

• Gearshift and handbrake covers
Protection system and design element for gearshift and handbrake levers: stamped, single or double seamed, insertion of pre-tensioned ties and closed pull rings. Assembly with plastic injection moulding or metal parts.

• Foam plastic insulation
Absorption of noise and vibration when vehicle is running: formed, self-adhesive.


Steinmann is certified in accordance with the comprehensive requirements of ISO/TS 16949 quality standard.
There is a quality management system in place for development and series production parts. Standard machinery here includes climatic test chambers and special test machinery for the simulation of several 100,000 cycles for entire gear shift modules.




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